Window Ventilation Filter

Window Ventilation Filter


The Window Ventilation Filter provides homes an option to open the window, but still filter the air.  Sadly very few homes have any outside ventilation so this is another tool to provide fresh air.  Some additional fans may be recommended to increase airflow as the filter will reduce the total volume of air vs opening the windows all the way.  Conversly, you can use this to keep the windows slightly open for much longer periods of time.  

  • 11″ Height – Adjusts to fit windows between 20″- 36″ in width (Model 1136) or between 24”-44” (Model 1144)
  • The filter reduces dust, dirt and was tested to remove 94% of ragweed pollen
  • Coated screen help keeps out rain, snow and mild wind (not for hurricanes…).
  • Durable warp-proof, rust-proof aluminum frame. Built to last for years. Replaceable filter cartridges
  • Can be used in Double-Hung windows or many Slider Windows. Work best with windows that open up and down.
  • No tools necessary, installs (or uninstalls) in seconds.
  • The vinyl around the edges creates a tight seal.

Safety Warning: Keep children away from windows as they could push through the filter and fall.

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WARNING: This product is NOT a guard, Keep Children Away from open windows. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has recommended several steps to help prevent injury:
* Do not depend on filters or screens to keep children from falling out of windows.
* Whenever possible, open windows from the top – not the bottom.
* Keep furniture away from windows to discourage children from climbing near windows.

Can I use the filters in different styles of windows?
The window screen filter is designed for double hung windows. It will not work with Jalousie or Awning style windows. Window screens may not work with some vertical-sliding windows. They work best with windows that open up and down.

How often should the filter cartridge be replaced?
Usually once a year will do but you may have to replace it more often depending on the amount of air contamination.

Can I clean the window filter media?
You can remove the poly filter and either vacuum the filter with a hose vacuum or reverse the flow and blow the dirt off. Be careful to protect your eyes and wear a dust mask. Follow the instructions for removing the filter beforehand.  The screen filter should be replaced at least once per year. Replacement filters for Window Screen Filters are sold separately.

How will I know when to change the filter cartridge?
When the filter is covered with dirt you are not getting enough airflow. At least change it once a year or when the filter is no longer cleaning easily with a vacuum hose.

What is the filter material made out of?
The window filter material is made of primarily polyesters. The screen is double sided metal mesh and the frame is made of a durable, warp-proof, rust-proof aluminum.

Additional information

Window Size

20" – 36" Width, 24" – 44" Width"

Filter Type

Pleated, Activated Carbon