TotalClean Zero-VOC All-Purpose


TotalClean Zero-VOC All-Purpose


Industrial performance, safe for the home. All purpose cleaning, odor removal and stain removal.

Zero VOCs
No Fragrance 
Highly Effective

Ingredients: Water, Iodine, Cuprous Iodide, and Proprietary Surfactants.  Detox your home from toxic chemical sprays. 

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"It works so well and I am confident to use it on all surfaces. I have a white leather couch and it keeps it nice and clean!" 
Kendall M.
"Love the cleaner — we have a puppy who nibbled on some houseplants the other day and then threw up on the carpet. The cleaner was a lifesaver to prevent the carpet staining and smelling!" 
Micahel K.
"I'm surprised! I love there is no oder. It worked on a greasy stove and streakless clean with cleaning mirrors. I'm interested in trying it on clothing stains next." 
Beth O.
TotalClean's Patented Iodine based formula is currently used by the 5 largest Waste Treatment companies in the USA to neutralize odors and protect the surrounding communities
NO Fragrances
NON Toxic
Non Staining
Color Safe
TotalClean was recently featured on KCAL for use in gym bags.  An excellent application! 

Industrial Grade Performance 

Looks and smells like water


Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing spray, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

"I absolutely love Total Clean! Going non-toxic can be confusing and overwhelming, so it’s reassuring to use a product safe for pets and kids. It cleans extremely well and I’m so thankful to have found this product! Definitely deserves 5 stars!" 
Jess B.
"I’m almost through with my first bottle of total clean and intend to continue buying it. I love that’s it’s non toxic and has no odor, it’s impossible to find such a thing. I’ve used it to clean a handful of different surfaces, mostly in my kitchen and bathroom. I didn’t find that it was super powerful at removing stains but that’s not why I bought it anyways, so I’m still pleased overall. I can try a higher concentration for my next stain mishap!" 
Amanda H.
"I've been using your Total Clean the past month and think it's just one of the best things. I tried it on some moldy areas on my windowsill and in the shower and it worked like a charm. Thank you for this product!" 
Derek S.
Concentration Matters.  
1 Gallon of Total Clean Concentrate makes between 30-40 bottles of 32 oz. ready to use spray. Safe to remove stains and clean ANY water safe surface. If it's safe for water, it's safe for TotalClean.   Learn more here about Total Clean applications and recommended concentrations.
"I used your product today for a deep clean of my studio and I loved it. Cleaned very well and is a very natural product. I'm very sensitive to chemicals so I love this product." 
Daniel R.
"I have been making my own cleaning products for years which I am happy to do but it is one more chore. It was so nice to have this one which is clean, ready made and extremely effective. Also I was thrilled to see how well it worked on mirrors and tile grout!" 
Carrie B.
"We absolutely love total clean! Literally use it to clean everything from kitchen to bathrooms. Cleans incredibly well with no toxic chemicals and no terrible odor." 
Joseph H.
Powerful odor removal, safe for the home.  Spray in the air or on water safe surfaces where the odor can be found.  Best on organic odors of any kind.  Tell us about how you use your TotalClean.
Don't MASK odors with other chemicals or fragrances, remove them naturally. 

Food Spills & Trash

Diapers and diaper pails, spilled milkshakes, spit up, stinky trashcans, smelly appliances, and more are all culprits of the odors in our life.  Take care of them with TotalClean. Spray in the air nearby or directly on the source.

Clothes, Shoes & More

Hockey gear, gym bags, stinky running shoes, musty clothes, and so many more.  If it smells, and it's water safe, try TotalClean on it.

Know what you're putting into your air

Our Total Clean Patented Technology doesn’t mask odors, it eliminates them on a molecular level in the air and on any surface type. It completely removes residues from other cleaners, organic matter, stains, and odors. Permanently eliminates even deeply embedded odors. Neutralizes odors produced by bacterial action, and more.  We accomplish all this using an iodine based proprietary formula that is safely used in commercial applications ranging from hospitals to industrial waste treatment.  It's important to us that Total Clean not only excels in performance, but it does so using a completely non-toxic and non-VOC formula.  

Cleaning is hard enough as is, Total Clean makes it easier and safer for everybody

If you're anything like our team, we want to get the cleaning job done right, but not smell the chemicals and fragrances afterwards (sometimes for hours!).  We have found Total Clean to be both incredible effective and yet, fragrance free and free of harsh chemicals.  Excellent for use on all water safe surfaces including Counter Tops, Toilets, Leather, Glass, Marble, Stone, Linoleum, Tile, Stainless Steel, Painted surfaces, Fabrics, Carpet, Stove Tops, Appliance Exteriors, Sinks, Floors, Cabinets, Tubs and Walls.

It's time to detox your home.

Air Purification is just one piece of the puzzle to better indoor air quality

As you may have discovered here at Hypoallergenic Air LLC, we're BIG fans of active air purification. We believe that replicating natural purification processes found outdoors, inside, to mitigate ongoing sources of contamination just makes sense. However, we know that this is just one part of our goal to help you have a more Natural Home.

Instead of using our air purification technologies to remove VOCs produced by cleaning chemicals, we would much rather you reduce or eliminate those sources of VOCs in the first place.  For years we've been asked by our clients about our perspective or recommendation for related solutions. So we wanted to make it official and bring you some ideas from products we have directly invested in or partnered with over the years.

Still have questions? 

The Total Clean come with a 30-day, no-hassle money back guarantee. Please freel free to review the FAQ or contact us so we can learn more about your situation. 

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

32 oz. Ready to Spray, 4 oz. Concentrate, 4 oz. Concentrate (4 pack), 1 Gallon Concentrate, Starter Kit (Spray + Gallon Concentrate), 6 Pack of 32 oz Spray, 4 Pack of Gallon Concentrate, Starter Kit (2 x Spray + 1 Gallon Concentrate), Family Pack (4 x Spray + 2 Gallons)