​Ice and Refrigeration

Greatly reduce your ice machine Cleaning Costs & Headaches

Ice machine, refrigeration, and cooling coils of every type are prone to grow mold and biofilm.  This growth reduces system energy efficiency, can become a sanitation issue, and results in high cleaning costs.  Our technology is able to easily install inside of whatever system you have near the cooling coils to suppress this growth 24/7.  


Ice quality, appearance, taste, and reputation.


Cleaning costs and elongate equipment life


Mold, biofilm, slime, and bacteria growth

  • Easy Installation
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Safer and better looking ice
  • Guaranteed Savings
  • 24/7 sanitization of coils
  • Reduced cleaning cost
  • Elongated ice machine life
  • No long term commitments

Case Study: Major Fast Food Chain Ice Machine

The Ice Machine with Clean-Tech Ice saw virtually no bacteria or mold growth over 120+ days.  Pictures taken at different time periods during the trial.

Key Equipment Features

  • Small enough to fit into any Ice Machine
  • Powerful enough to cover 2,400 CFM
  • Low Energy: 10 Watts
  • Proprietary polarized ion technology
  • 100% Made in America, UL Listed
  • Zero chemicals, glass, filters, ozone, or mercury.
  • Versatile Voltage: 24 VAC / 400mA,110-120 VAC / 80mA, 208-277 VAC / 40mA

​Protect your reputation & reduce risk of health violations​

Ice machine sanitizing is governed by Food Law 2009 Chapter 4 part 602.11 and 702.11, which states that the ice contact surfaces must be sanitized after each cleaning. Annex 7 Form 2A section 5 states: Federal law provides under the Criminal Fine Enforcement Act of 1984 for a fine up to $100,000 for a misdemeanor by a corporation or individual not resulting in death and, for misdemeanors resulting in death, a fine of up to $250,000 for individuals and $500,000 for corporations. Robert W. Powitz, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.S., C.F.S.P. (source)

No Filter

​Our ​Sanitizers are more efficient in ridding the air of contaminants than a HEPA filter.

Maintenance Free

​Hypoallergenic Air products are long-lasting and require very little maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Our ​Sanitizers operate on only a fraction of the energy that other products use.

Long Range

​Extremely compact designs are able to sanitize much larger areas than competing technologies.

​​Revolutionizing indoor air quality and sanitization: