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Are you a real person?  Do you actually care about air quality and environmental toxins? 

Then you qualify to be an affiliate ambassador!   Some of our ambassadors have millions of followers or top podcasts and some just are passionate to a handful of friends.  However,  if you specialize in digital strategies, branded PPC, or coupon sites, this affiliate program is not for you. 

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We LOVE collaborating with our affiliate ambassadors (big and small) to educate people who need our solutions.  Often times it's YOU helping people navigate their health and air quality challenges so we want to be another tool in your belt to help your clients.  

Our affiliate program is transparent, SIMPLE, and authentic.  That's all we ask of our ambassadors too.  

Schedule a call with our CTO to learn more, and sign up.  It's all free, and no software is required to participate. 

For questions or existing ambassador support contact: [email protected]


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