Frequently Asked Questions

What makes HypoAir different from other Air Purifiers? 

Which unit is right for me?

What does "coverage" mean? 

I'm having trouble checking out, what should I do? 

Do you ship internationally and/or will it work with my countries electricity? (and related questions)

Do you sell your products wholesale?

Do your products have a warranty or a 30 day money back guarantee? 

Have your products been tested by third party laboratories?  

Does Hypo Air only make residential products? 

Do you offer financing plans? 

Do you have an affiliate program? 

I found mold on my couch (or bed, chair, carpet, etc.)… should I throw it out?

What is off-gassing?

What is radon?  Should I be concerned?

What is HEPA?

How can I get better air quality while I travel?

For customers traveling or living outside the US:  What voltage do HypoAir products take?

How can I test my home for mold? 

Why do other ionizers produce ozone, but HypoAir ionizers do not?

Are HypoAir units effective against the Coronavirus?

Do HypoAir units emit ozone?

I think that mold in my home is affecting me and my family.  How do HypoAir units reduce mold?

How does the AHPCO affect polluted air coming into my home?

My Mold Guard is making a loud noise. What should I do?

I can see sparks or hear popping sounds coming from my Mold Guard. Is this normal? How do I fix it?

My Air Angel turns on but the fan is not working. What should I do?

Are there any replacement parts in the Air Angel?

I have an old Boomerang. Will the Boomerang Replacement Cell (Universal AHPCO Cell) work on my unit?

What is the difference between the pre-washable filter and carbon filters in the Mold Guard?

How often should I replace the filter in the Mold Guard?

What if my home has mold and I need to move?  Are my HypoAir units contaminated?