Air Angel AHPCO Cell

Air Angel AHPCO Cell


Universal Replacement for the all versions and colors of the Air Angel Mobile Air Sanifier (MBL175, AA250, AA300W & AA300B).
Easy to do yourself.  Recommended to
replace annually.

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Simple Installation

Installation of the AHPCO Cell is simple and straightforward. You need a small phillips screwdriver to remove a single screw, but otherwise the AHPCO cell slips in and out like a battery.

When should you change your AHPCO Cell?

We recommend changing it every 1-2 years of continuous use. But you should change it anytime you notice the internal glow of your unit fade away. If you never change your AHPCO cell, you still have the power of the Polar Ionization working to purify the air, however the AHPCO cell provides strong additional efficacy against chemicals, odors and additional redundancies against biological contaminants. 

 AHPCO Cell is a universal fit for all Air Angels

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
Air Angel Mobile Color

White, Black