HypoAir's nature-inspired technologies lead the industry with over a decade of engineering excellence & innovation. 

Our High Performance Air Purifiers are designed to reduce your exposure to:







†  Full studies available for download: Read the Studies

 Not all studies are relevant to all products.  We use different technologies for different applications.  Contact us for assistance in choosing the right air purifier or product for your situation.

Our Guarantee

In the air purification industry we know there are a lot of claims, differing opinions, oversimplification, fancy marketing, and broken promises.  We strive to be transparent, understandable, and accurate.  For the last 15 years we've stood behind all of our products with a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.  Contact us online or call (949) 791-9404 to speak to an air quality expert.  

15 Years of R&D, Innovation & Proven Results

Proven Effective by World Renowned Laboratories

air purifier testing lineup

Powerful protection for bedrooms, cars, hotel rooms, and similar areas.


Upgrade any AC system into a whole home Air Purifier to clean the HVAC system as well as provided purified air throughout the home



Nanofiber PureAir Window Screens are designed to replace window insect screening to filter outside air and allow better ventilation in your home. NOW ON SALE

Whole Home HVAC Solutions

 The Whole Home Polar Ionizer was designed to make purifying entire homes easy and accessible.  The challenge we face with any home is airflow, but with this unique technology you can purify the air in multiple rooms even if the doors are closed. Clean your air of allergens and contaminants with this whole house air purifier that connects to your HVAC system. This filterless central air purifier is ideal for entire homes or office air purification and to reduce certain microorganisms on surfaces.  These units can be stacked to purify the air in any size home or office. 

I am very satisfied with them

Jacque R., verified customer

"The air is lighter and the room actually “looks” clearer! You can really feel the difference... the value is incredible for the technology you get.... It gives me peace of mind."

Really Positive

Aaron B., verified customer

"We live in a very humid location during the summer time and know the dangers of mold. This was most important in making a decision to find a legitimate air purifier.  Installed device in our bedrooms and noticed window mold from moisture reduced to completely gone within 2 weeks. Noticed overall freshness of air in purified rooms."    

Gives us the ability to travel

Mary C.., verified customer

My husband and I have severe mold reactions, and with these two models [Mold Guard & Air Angel] we’re able to easily take them with us to use when we travel. I love being able to use the air angel in the car as well. These have been incredible in helping us heal.  For us, mold sensitivity impairs many aspects of our lives, and this gives us the ability to travel and clean up the air in hotel rooms so that we are not sick for entire trips."

Reduce your exposure to Toxins & Contaminants

The proprietary technologies we have invested in are backed by 15 years of laboratory, university, and "real world" commercial studies.  These tests are available upon request, and cover topics including VOCs, MERS, Molds, MRSA, O3, TBC, HCHO, RSP, NH3, H2S, and many more.  Studies referenced on the site are often relevant to one or more of the technologies we use, but not all of the products we sell as different products use different technologies.




Dust & PM2.5


Chemicals (VOCs)

(Full studies available for download upon request)

Our Core Design Philosophy: At HypoAir, we use state-of-the-art technologies to replicate the natural processes that produce clean, fresh air outside - bringing that same purity indoors.

Nature uses a combination of physical and chemical processes to purify the air outside, including the absorption of carbon dioxide and pollutants by vegetation, physical removal of airborne particles by wind and rain, and the breakdown of pollutants by UV radiation from the sun, which can produce hydroxyl radicals that react with and neutralize pollutants. In addition, ionization of the air can occur naturally through the effects of lightning, cosmic rays, and various other sources to purify the air. These mechanisms work together to clean and maintain the quality of the air we breathe, making it important to us at HypoAir to replicate and enhance these natural processes for indoor air purification.


Air Quality is not "one size fits all"

Air quality is complex.  No single technology or product is optimal for every situation or contaminant type (despite what some may claim).  Studies referenced on the site are often relevant to one or more of the technologies we use, but not all of the products we sell.  Our current array of products utilize a combination of the below technologies depending on the application.

Filterless Technologies

Physical Filter Types

Curated Natural Home Collection

We think your indoors should be more naturally like the outdoors.

As you may have discovered here at Hypoallergenic Air, we're BIG fans of active air purification.  However, we know that this is just one part of your goal to have a more Natural Home. Instead of using our air purification technologies to remove VOCs produced by cleaning chemicals, we would much rather you reduce or eliminate those sources of VOCs in the first place.  Discover more of our curated Natural Home Collection.


Air quality is more than just purification.  We'll explore other ways to improve your air or address the many unique situations we run into on an almost daily basis.


What cleaning tools and chemicals are you introducing into your home?  Let's explore what those are and some easy ways to replace them with even better performance. 


Test kits and monitors can be valuable to give you actionable data, however they are often overly expensive and far too inaccurate.  We'll give you some of our favorite options.


Air is one part of your indoor environment but there are a lot of other factors to consider.  We'll explore some solutions for the other types of indoor "pollution" we hear about in our customers' homes.

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