Nanofiber PureAir Window Screens


Nanofiber PureAir Window Screens

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Enjoy fresh outside air while reducing exposure to outside contaminants including PM2.5, mold spores, pollen and more.  Unlike traditional window screens designed to keep out larger insects, these Nanofiber PureAir screens are woven so tightly you can barely see any holes with the naked eye. 

Upgrade your windows air quality for as little as $12.50 / window.  

  • Each roll is 39″ x 118″.  Covers approximately 3-4 average window screen panels
  • Can be installed inside any style Window Screen frame, to replace existing screens or as a 2nd layer.  Easy to DIY, or for a handyman to install. 
  • The nanofiber mesh not only relies on tiny holes to block particulates but mainly relies on electrostatic adsorption.
  • Designed to balance filtration, while still being transparent and allowing air flow.  

Need help framing or with install questions?  DIY options are possible to attach magnetically on top of existing screens or windows.   Contact us for options!

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Advanced Nanofiber Technology: Utilizing state-of-the-art nanofiber materials, our window screen expertly reduces the penetration of PM2.5, mold spores, pollution, and pollen†

Energy Efficiency: Our nanofiber screen minimizes energy loss, optimizing temperature control and reducing utility expenses.

Premium Water Resistance: rain-resistant window screen, safeguarding your interiors from water damage.

Uncompromised Views: Enjoy breathtaking outdoor vistas without compromise, as our nanofiber screen maintains clear views.

Optimal Light Control: reduce harsh direct sunlight, providing soft, natural lighting.

Enduring Quality: Crafted for durability, our nanofiber window screen are designed for long life performance.

Fresh air is important to dilute VOCs and CO2 in your home, which can build up when windows and doors are kept closed. Nanofiber PureAir Window Screens are designed to replace window insect screening to filter outside air and allow better ventilation in your home. Get the particulate filtration of more bulky filters in this thin design, which is resistant to tears and punctures (the screen is even thinner than normal insect screening).  The nanofibers capture particulates of dust, pollen, and emissions to allow safe opening of windows for ventilation.†  

Easy Installation

Each roll contains enough screen to cover 3-4 average window screen panels (for the traditional installation with spline; the alternative installation with Magnetic Tape requires more). Measure the open part of your window where the screen will be placed. Allow 2-4 inches extra per length and width measurement for each screen (1-2 inches on each side, which will be trimmed after installation). Check our Installation Article for more tips (and the alternative installation with Magnetic Tape) on this easy DIY screen replacement/installation project.  Once installed, these screens can be washed clean with a hose, using gentle detergent and soft brush when necessary. 

SAFETY WARNING: This product is NOT a guard, Keep Children Away from open windows. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has recommended several steps to help prevent injury:
* Do not depend on filters or screens to keep children from falling out of windows.
* Whenever possible, open windows from the top – not the bottom.
* Keep furniture away from windows to discourage children from climbing near windows.

† Third-party testing indicates that the nanofiber window screen mesh can assist in reducing PM2.5 size particulates from passing through the mesh. This study was in a controlled laboratory environment. Results will vary due to many real world variables including humidity, contamination concentrations and types, air flow, altitude, temperature, and more.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions .1 × 118 × 39 in
Window Size

20" – 36" Width, 24" – 44" Width"

Filter Type

Pleated, Activated Carbon