Convert your AC into an air sanitizer

If you’d like to simultaneously purify the air in every room of your residential or commercial space, consider buying an HVAC professional air purifier. Installing one of these units in an HVAC system takes only minutes. Before long, the whole building will be filled with clean, odor-free air. These products use a technique engineered by NASA and enhanced by our research and development team. The process, called AHPCO, or advanced hydrated photocatalytic oxidation, results in a dramatic decrease in the amount of carbon-based contaminants in the air, meaning you’ll be breathing fresher, healthier air.

Best in Class Effectiveness

The proprietary technologies that we have invested in have been proven time and time again to provide industry-leading results.

American Made Quality

We exclusively make our products in the USA with less than a 3% return rate, for any reason, company-wide since 2004

Industry Expertise 

Our founders and advisors are industry experts who have concluded through university studies that our products are industry-leading.  We are singularly focused on IAQ solutions and spend our time developing and improving the best products on the market

It's time to take air quality seriously

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be as much as 100x worse for people than outdoor air which is of particular concern because we spend 90% of our time indoors and because of energy saving initiatives have effectively sealed contaminants in.  

Sick Building Syndrome may effect as much as 30% of all buildings worldwide according to the World Health Organization.  

Children are 10 times more susceptible than adults to toxins and 9.3% of all children currently have asthma making them more vulnerable to IAQ issues

References:  CDC   |   NCBI   |   USA Today   |   EPA  |   WHO 

No Filter

Our Sanitizers are more efficient in ridding the air of contaminants than a HEPA filter.

Maintenance Free

Hypoallergenic Air products are long-lasting and require very little maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Our Sanitizers operate on only a fraction of the energy that other products use.

Long Range

Extremely compact designs are able to sanitize much larger areas than competing technologies.

Revolutionizing indoor air quality and sanitization: