Smoke Eliminator with H13 HEPA & Activated Carbon


Smoke Eliminator with H13 HEPA & Activated Carbon


Purify the air: smoke particulates (including PM2.5), chemical VOCs, germs, odors, spores, etc.
Sanitize Surfaces: including odors, chemicals, germs & mold
Safe & Hypoallergenic:
 No chemicals, no deodorizers, no ozone
Proprietary Tech: Hypoallergenic Air® Polar Ionization

The Smoke Eliminator has a Germ Defender base with a higher fan output & Optional H13 Medical Grade HEPA plus Activated Carbon filters.   Includes LED Night Light

CARB Certified, with EO Number+ G-19-212

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The Latest in Smoke Protection

The Smoke Eliminator provides the latest in active purification of the air and sanitization  of surfaces with no replacement parts for life. 

Coverage Estimate: 100 sq. ft.
Energy Use: Less than a lightbulb (2 watts)
Replacement Parts: zero for product life
Extremely compact design: 6.5" x 4" x 1.5"
Installation: Plugs directly into the outlet, no messy wires
Filters: Comes with washable black sponge filter.  Optional Replaceable Carbon Filters can be purchased in the future
Plugs: Currently only USA style plugs are available.  Accepts all voltage types from 100-240
Zero Ozone: Intertek tested 8 hr TWA Ozone for this product is 0.000 ppmv when tested in a 30 m3 chamber
CARB Certified: ships worldwide

I don’t sneeze randomly anymore.

Erickson D., verified customer

"It’s small!  Very easy to use. Just plug it and then that’s it! ...the filter-less tech like [polar ionization] is such a breakthrough that I didn’t expect to be this effective...

Really Positive

Aaron B., verified customer

"We live in a very humid location during the summer time and know the dangers of mold. This was most important in making a decision to find a legitimate air purifier.  Installed device in our bedrooms and noticed window mold from moisture reduced to completely gone within 2 weeks. Noticed overall freshness of air in purified rooms."    

I am very satisfied with them

Jacque R., verified customer

"The air is lighter and the room actually “looks” clearer! You can really feel the difference... the value is incredible for the technology you get.... It gives me peace of mind."


Vanessa P., verified customer

"In Houston there is a lot of pollution (as it is worldwide), but to know inside my home it's safer, especially during this pandemic,  is a peace of mind.  Get it. You can't even hear it, you just plug it in and forget it's even there.  It emits a white noise the sound, which inreally like. It's soft, and you really almost forget it's even in the room! I have 1 in my bedroom, 1 in my kitchen, and 1 in my guest bathroom. I live in a townhome, so these are perfect. If I could get them again, I definitely would!! To know the air is being purified by such a small plug in product, is incredible."

Gives us the ability to travel

Mary C., verified customer

My husband and I have severe mold reactions, and with these two models [Germ Defender & Air Angel] we’re able to easily take them with us to use when we travel. I love being able to use the air angel in the car as well. These have been incredible in helping us heal.  For us, mold sensitivity impairs many aspects of our lives, and this gives us the ability to travel and clean up the air in hotel rooms so that we are not sick for entire trips."

Purifies the Air and Surfaces

Our Hypoallergenic Air technology is different. Unlike other air purifiers, ours actively purifies the air AND surfaces throughout a room.  It doesn't have to suck air up and through a filter to have an effect.   This means if a virus or chemicals lands on a surface like a door handle, and THEN you turn our units on, our technology is able to sanitize that surface, providing protection even as new contaminating events occur.

Powerful filter less Polar Ionization

The Smoke Eliminator includes optional H13 HEPA and Carbon filters, but EVEN without the physical filters, the Polar Ionization on it's own is a powerful tool in removing smoke.  In this video, we placed the BP-2400 Polar Ionizer inside a chamber with a lit cigar.  This BP-2400 has the same Polar Ionization technology as the MG-100, but at a larger scale.  The Polar Ionization technology also improves the efficiency of any physical filters.  

What's in Smoke? 

Wildfires and other sources of smoke expose populations to multiple environmental hazards, from combustion due to the fire itself to air pollution from smoke and byproducts of combustion such as ash.  In addition, when wildfires move into communities, chemicals in plastics and other chemicals can be released into the air from burning structures and furnishings. Visit AirNow for more detailed information.

Includes 3 x H13 HEPA + Activated Carbon 

Smoke Eliminator includes 3 of the optional H13 HEPA + Carbon Filters for the Smoke Eliminator (MG-100). These filters add additional particulate control (H13 HEPA) and odor/chemical control (Activated Carbon).  These filters should be replaced on average every 1-3 months for optimal efficacy. Get more filters here.

You may always choose to use the default washable prefilter instead of the HEPA+Carbon filters.  The washable prefilter never needs to be replaced.  

Compact, but powerful

The Smoke Eliminator, Mold Guard and Germ Defender air purifier and surface sanitizer blends in nicely with household décor. And it delivers a powerful punch to unwanted contaminants.  It effectively and safely addresses unwanted contaminants such as allergens, mold, mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses, VOCs and odors.

Broad Spectrum  Surface & Airborne Protection

S. Aureus
Airborne Particulates
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
E. Coli
S. Typhimurium (salmonella)
P. Aeruginosa
Chemical VOCs
L. Monocytogenes (listeria)
Legionella Pneumophila

Our clients include the tallest building in the world (The Burj Khalifa, Dubai), hospitals, professional sports teams, 5 star resorts, casinos, first responders, restaurants, dog kennels, and industrial facilities.   Our proprietary technologies are backed by years of laboratory and university studies around the world.  These tests are available upon request.

Our Technologies 

Most don't even claim to do what our technologies have been proven to accomplish.  Find out more about what makes us different, effective, and safe. 

Still have questions? 

All our purifiers come with a 30-day, no-hassle money back guarantee, and are covered under a 1-3 year warranty (depending on your unit).  HypoAir compact units cover very large areas of space.  We rate our units' strength by square footage (sq. ft) coverage.  These estimates are based on average contaminants found in a home.  Some situations like smoking, large pets, or environmental dangers like mold infestations may require a unit with more power than the size of the location may indicate.  

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

Smoke Eliminator, Smoke Eliminator + Bulk Activated Carbon Media + 3 HEPA/Carbon Filters, 4 x Smoke Eliminators + 12 HEPA/Carbon Filters