Small Room iAdapt HEPA+5 (backordered until late June)

Small Room iAdapt HEPA+5 (backordered until late June)


The first of its kind to combine the most effective technologies into one product with 6 powerful stages of purification.  Exceptionally quiet.  Features the latest in smart technology including air quality sensor, reactive purification, and app control.  Third-party lab tested to reduce up to 99.99% of H1N1 Influenza virus, bacteria, mold, mycotoxins, and VOCs.

CARB certified.  

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Six Stages of Purification.

Washable Pre-filter
Activated Carbon
Germicidal UV
Polar Ionization

The best of the best

Our R&D team has spent a decade listening to customers like you. We have tested every available air purification technology. After a tireless pursuit to develop the best, we are pleased to provide a unit that combines all of the most effective technologies in one smart, app-enabled, indoor air quality monitoring, self-adapting air purifier.  iAdapt is engineered to rapidly tackle the most challenging indoor air quality issues by combining the best air purification technologies that actually work.  The space coverage is not as large as some of our other products, but the iAdapt is able to remove contaminants much faster, especially  particulates.



20 min.

or less

"Great customer service. The unit arrived quickly and the product really works! I've tried ionic air purifiers, HEPA air purifiers and even newer technologies like Molekule. Nothing stacks up to the iAdaptAir. It's like they took the best HEPA, the best ionic air purifier and a Molekule and put them all in one unit."
Dominic B., Verified Customer

The Perfect Size

Recommended for use by physicians across the United States to reduce allergy causing pollutants and for patients suffering from the effects of chronic hypersensitivities to mold, chemicals and mycotoxins.  The iAdapt comes in 3 sizes:

  • iAdapt-S protects up to a 150 sq. ft. room
  • iAdapt-M protects up to a 450 sq. ft. room
  • iAdapt-L protects up to a 600 sq. ft. room

Smarter Environmental  Control

You can monitor and control your iAdapt with the built-in control panel, or remotely, with an easy-to-use app.   The phone app allows for the control of multiple iAdapt purifiers in multiple locations from anywhere in the world. The app scheduler sets what time iAdapt turns on and off each day. The controls include fan speed, child lock/night mode (turns off lights for restful sleep), auto-off timer and more. It even displays the current air quality surrounding your iAdapt, so you can remotely adjust the settings before returning home. You may even share control of your air purifier with other friends and family members.


High Quality Filtration

To help extend filter life, the iAdapt comes with a Washable Powder Coated Pre-Filter dust guard to trap larger particles before the air enters the HEPA filter.   The advanced True HEPA filter rapidly remove up to 99.99% of airborne particulates as small as 0.3 microns from the air with H14 filters, the highest grade of HEPA filtration.   Troublesome airborne particulate matter, such as PM2.5 and PM10, is no match for our HEPA filter.   The Mass Absorption Carbon Filter can absorb odors and VOCs rapidly.  Carbon filters purify the air by absorbing VOCs and odors within the pore structure of the carbon. One pound of activated carbon contains the surface area of approximately 100 acres. With up to 2.8 pounds of carbon, the iAdapt contains approximately 280 acres of carbon surface area to tackle even the strongest pollutants

Polar Ions

Exclusive Proactive Technologies

Any tiny mycotoxins, mold, bacteria, viruses and VOCs that survive the HEPA and carbon filter stages of iAdapt are quickly deactivated by the next three technologies.  First, our industry leading broad-spectrum Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) lamp deactivates biological contaminants as they pass.  Then, Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation (AHPCO®) doesn’t filter the air; it oxidizes and destroys pollutants on a molecular level.  It destroys pollutants 1000 times smaller than HEPA filters.  Our proprietary Polar Ionization provides all the benefits of negative ionizers, and then some, in a small compact package without the negative effects. Bi-Polar ionization splits humidity, already present in your air, into positive hydrogen ions and negative oxygen ions without the production of ozone. These ions then go beyond the boundaries of filtration to seek out and destroy pollutants such as mold, bacteria, viruses and VOCs on a molecular level. This occurs both in the air and on surfaces throughout the space being treated by these ions. The positive and negative ions also cluster around the smallest microscopic particles, causing them to become too heavy to float and drop from the air. 

Whisper quiet.  

Intelligently Designed For Maximum Protection Without All The Noise
Gone is the day of noisy air purifiers.   By utilizing up to four small ultra-quiet fans, the iAdapt efficiently pulls air evenly across the entire surface of the filter cartridge and through all five layers of our advanced air purification technologies.

The unique array of fans maintain whisper-quiet noise levels from 25dB to 52dB, resulting in an air purifier so quiet you will hardly notice it.

Even kills viruses on surfaces

Unlike other air purifiers, the iAdapt actively purifies the air AND surfaces throughout a room.  It can actually kill viruses on surfaces like a door handle.   A recent study found our technology killed 99.998% of MERS virus on a surface in just 4 hours.  In contrast, a study at the University of Arizona (UA) found that if a single sick employee came to work then 50% of commonly touched surfaces in the office would be infected with a virus by lunchtime (just 4 hours) .  Thankfully, the iAdapt can purify the air, and even a surface already contaminated with something like a virus, bacteria, or mold. 

Which iAdaptAir unit is right for you?

150 sq. ft.  /  1,200 ft3
7 lbs., 8.5" x 5.4" x 9.4"
20,000,000/cm³ Ion Output 
100-240VAC / 12 Watts
Global Electrical Compatibility
Fan Speed (RPM): L700, M1000, H1200
CADR (CFM): Smoke 39, Dust 35, Pollen 38
0.00 PPM O3
1 Year Warranty
450 sq. ft.  /  3,600 ft3
16 lbs., 11.3" x 11.1" x 28.7"
20,000,000/cm³ Ion Output 
100-240VAC / 36 Watts
Global Electrical Compatibility
Fan Speed (RPM): L700, M1000, H1200
CADR (CFM): Smoke 117, Dust 105, Pollen 113
0.00 PPM O3
1 Year Warranty
600 sq. ft.  /  4,800 ft3
20 lbs. , 11.3" x 11.0" x 37.4"
40,000,000/cm³ Ion Output 
100-240VAC / 48 Watts
Global Electrical Compatibility
Fan Speed (RPM): L700, M1000, H1200
CADR (CFM): Smoke 155, Dust 140, Pollen 150
0.00 PPM O3
1 Year Warranty

Broad Spectrum  Surface & Airborne Protection

S. Aureus
Airborne Particulates
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
E. Coli
S. Typhimurium (salmonella)
P. Aeruginosa
Chemical VOCs
L. Monocytogenes (listeria)
Legionella Pneumophila

Our clients include the tallest building in the world (The Burj Khalifa, Dubai), hospitals, professional sports teams, 5 star resorts, casinos, first responders, restaurants, dog kennels, and industrial facilities.   Our proprietary technologies are backed by years of laboratory and university studies around the world.  These tests are available upon request.

Our Exclusive Technologies 

We have two primary proprietary technologies that provide the most powerful protection available.  These technologies allow our products to far out perform all of our competitors.  Most don't even claim to do what our technologies have been proven to accomplish.  Find out more what makes us different, effective, and safe. 

Still have questions? 

The iAdapt is designed and assembled in the USA with international components.  It comes with a 30-day, no-hassle money back guarantee, and is covered under a 1 year limited warranty.  We rate our units strength by square footage (sq. f.t) coverage based on average contamination levels.  Some situations like smoking, large pets, or environmental dangers like mold infestations may require a unit with more power than the size of the location may indicate.  

What's in your air?

The World  Health Organization lists air quality as the single biggest environmental threat to public health in 2018.  And while most of us think that air pollution is something that happens outside, 90% of our time is spent indoors breathing in air that's up to 5x more polluted - air filled with mold spores, chemical gases, carpet fibers, dust, dander, bacteria, and dangerous viruses.   With great intentions of improving energy efficiency, we tightly seal up our homes, schools,  and businesses, but we’re actually trapping contaminants inside.  

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 10 in

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