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Christmas Holiday Shipping Schedule:  Within the Lower 48 (excludes Alaska and Hawaii) USPS recommends shipping before Dec 16th for the best chance of receiving your package before Christmas. We recommend ordering sooner rather than later, but before noon PT on Dec 14th for sufficent time to process and ship. This is our busiest Christmas ever so we are working hard to ship quickly but can’t guarantee delivery in time. Click here for more information here from USPS

Christmas Sale items are limited-quantity with no rainchecks. When they are sold out, they may be sold out for some time.  To ensure you get our Christmas price order soon.

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15 Years of Innovation & Proven Results

Christmas Product Bundles

6 Mold Guard Units - 50% OFF

The Mold Guard SIX PACK provides active sanitization of the air and surfaces with no replacement parts for life for 6 Rooms.  Give the gift of air purification. Mold Guard was designed to make sanitizing rooms easy and accessible.  Place it anywhere you want to breathe fresh, clean air and enjoy surfaces with far fewer germs.  Used in operatories, medical facilities, and homes.  

Buy 6: $899.99, now $449.99  

Save $450

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Whole Home Installed System 30% OFF

Save $270 off each of our Whole Home Polar Ionizers. This unit is 100% USA Made with US Parts. Upgrade any AC system into a whole home Air Purifier to clean the HVAC system as well as provided purified air throughout the home at less than $0.40 / sq. ft.  If you do not have an central air system (with vents), our plug in purifiers would be a better fit for you. If you have any questions on this innovative method of purification, please schedule a call with an Air Quality expert here.

Normal: $899.99

Now: $629.99

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Whole Home Filters 25% OFF

Get 25% off premium USA Made Whole Home Filters (with Carbon!).  A standard home HVAC system that covers a ~2,000 square foot home is roughly 5 TIMES as powerful as a $1,000 HEPA air purifier. So...why not use the power of this system to your air quality benefit? Our custom made HVAC filters provide particulate removal combined with Activated Carbon for chemical and odor removal. Not sure which MERV rating to get?  Feel free to reach out and let us know as much as you can about your home and HVAC system. 

Buy 6 Filters: get 25% Off.  

50% off Nanofiber Window Screen Pack

Do you have any windows with screens?  Old school window screens are designed to stop larger insects, but will NOT help with air quality.  HypoAir now recommends our new nanofiber PureAir Window screens to replace those older style screens with something capable of stopping not just insects, but reducing PM2.5, mold spores, pollen and more. These Nanofiber screens are woven so tightly you can barely see any holes with the naked eye.  Each roll is 39″ x 118″. Covers approximately 3-4 average window screen panels. Upgrade your windows air quality for as little as $10 / window.

Buy 2: $159.99, now $80.  

Save $80

Total Clean Starter Kit over 40% Off

TotalClean's Patented Iodine based formula is currently used by the 5 largest Waste Treatment companies in the USA to neutralize odors and protect the surrounding communities.  Industrial performance, safe for the home. All purpose cleaning, odor removal and stain removal. Non-Toxic,  Zero VOCs, No Fragrance, AND Highly Effective

The Starter Kit Makes OVER 32 SPRAY BOTTLES

Buy 2: $119.99, now $69.99.  

Save $50

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Proven Effective by World Renowned Laboratories

air purifier testing lineup

"This equipment will be of assistance in our continuing assurance that our healthcare providers are well protected while caring for the COVID 19 patients we are currently treating. They were extremely happy when Engineering installed it in their areas. Thank you for your support.".

Brooklyn VA Hospital


Vanessa P., verified customer

"In Houston there is a lot of pollution (as it is worldwide), but to know inside my home it's safer, especially during this pandemic,  is a peace of mind.  Get it. You can't even hear it, you just plug it in and forget it's even there.  It emits a white noise the sound, which inreally like. It's soft, and you really almost forget it's even in the room! I have 1 in my bedroom, 1 in my kitchen, and 1 in my guest bathroom. I live in a townhome, so these are perfect. If I could get them again, I definitely would!! To know the air is being purified by such a small plug in product, is incredible."

Gives us the ability to travel

Mary C., verified customer

My husband and I have severe mold reactions, and with these two models [Mold Guard & Air Angel] we’re able to easily take them with us to use when we travel. I love being able to use the air angel in the car as well. These have been incredible in helping us heal.  For us, mold sensitivity impairs many aspects of our lives, and this gives us the ability to travel and clean up the air in hotel rooms so that we are not sick for entire trips."

I don’t sneeze randomly anymore.

Erickson D., verified customer

"It’s small!  Very easy to use. Just plug it and then that’s it! ...the filter-less tech like [polar ionization] is such a breakthrough that I didn’t expect to be this effective...

Really Positive

Aaron B., verified customer

"We live in a very humid location during the summer time and know the dangers of mold. This was most important in making a decision to find a legitimate air purifier.  Installed device in our bedrooms and noticed window mold from moisture reduced to completely gone within 2 weeks. Noticed overall freshness of air in purified rooms."    

I am very satisfied with them

Jacque R., verified customer

"The air is lighter and the room actually “looks” clearer! You can really feel the difference... the value is incredible for the technology you get.... It gives me peace of mind."

Rid your air of up to 99.99% of all Contaminants

Our proprietary technologies are backed by 15 years of laboratory, university, and "real world" commercial studies.  These tests are available upon request, and cover SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV, Molds, MRSA, VOCs, TBC, HCHO, RSP, NH3, H2S, and many more.


Viruses & Bacteria


Dust & PM2.5


Chemicals (VOCs)


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