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Mold guard.Purify the Air

The Latest in Natural Air Quality

Our newest purification unit

Place it anywhere you want to breathe fresh clean air and enjoy surfaces with far fewer microorganisms!

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The Mold Guard Purifier come with a 30-day, no-hassle money back guarantee, and are covered under a 1-3 year warranty


Every Mold Guard includes a washable pre-filter that never needs to be replaced

Meet the People Who Got Incredible Results
Erick D
Verified customer

"It’s small! Very easy to use. Just plug it and then that’s it! ...the filter-less tech like [polar ionization] is such a breakthrough that I didn’t expect to be this effective...

Jaque R
Verified customer

"The air is lighter and the room actually “looks” clearer! You can really feel the difference... the value is incredible for the technology you get.... It gives me peace of mind."

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