Advanced Germicidal Purification for Medical Facilities

Brooklyn VA Hospital: "This equipment will be of assistance in our continuing assurance that our healthcare providers are well protected while caring for the COVID 19 patients we are currently treating. They were extremely happy when Engineering installed it in their areas. Thank you for your support." 

24/7 Protection

Surfaces & Air

While Occupied

It's time to think beyond outdated passive sterilization methods:  

There are many methods that disinfect medical environments with 6-log kill rates but require evacuation of all occupants.  There are also many passive technologies that require all contaminates to pass through a physical filter before having any affect.  

Right now the goal of many is to increase the frequency of manual cleaning.  But why not simply install a proven germicidal technology (that's shockingly affordable) to always sanitize the surfaces & air?

Occupied Environment Sanitization: 

Our OES technologies provide safe and affordable methods to neutralize airborne and surface based contaminants 24/7 while occupied.  Manual cleaning is not enough.  

Proven effective against a wide range of contaminants including MERS Coronavirus, H1N1, MRSA, C. Diff, VRE, and many more. 

Unique Sanitization 

 Not only do we purify the air of contaminants  1,000 times smaller than HEPA filters, our technology also kills viruses, bacteria, and mold on surfaces like door handles, countertops, and walls.  It can remove odors from fabrics including smoke, marijuana, and cooking odors.  Effective against allergens, fine particulates (PM2.5), formaldehyde, microbes, air pollution, chemical gases, and more.

Proven Results

Every hour, over 1 billion cubic feet of air is now sanitized with our revolutionary technology.  Our technology has undergone over a decade of rigorous testing and field studies by 3rd party laboratories, universities, commercial clients, and leading independent researchers.   Commercial clients include world renowned five star resorts, the tallest building in the world, professional sports teams, and hospitals. 

Innovative Efficiency

From outer space missions to your living room, our NASA developed nanotechnology provides the purest air possible with the least amount of cost.    Our extremely compact products cover much larger spaces than competing technologies.  Low energy, little to no maintenance, and whisper quiet operation set our products apart.   USA made with the highest quality components and technology available.  

Manager Supply Chain,
Renowned Texas Hospital

“We deployed the technology to address
a mold issue and were very pleased!
Since that time we have placed the
technology throughout our major
downtown facility.”

Director of ENV. Safety,
Regional Medical Center

“The results clearly exceeded our
expectations in addressing our initial
pathogen, odor issue. We procured the
technology in a variety of formats and
have satisfactorily installed it throughout
the hospital!"

99.997% Reduction of MERS Coronavirus on Surfaces in just 4 hours

In 2016, our AHPCO technology was tested by MICROBAC labs against live Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS) and was found to have a 99.998% reduction on surfaces after 4 hours of exposure. Cytotoxicity control showed no cytotoxicity observed in 4 out of 4 wells.  This is especially relevant right now as many experts are indicating the new coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 9 days.  Microbac recently tested our iAdapt series and found 99.99% of H1N1 as well.


Powerful protection for bedrooms, cars, hotel rooms, and similar areas.


Commercial Quality advanced residential air purification system for entire homes.

It actually kills viruses on a door handle

Our Air Oasis technology is different. Unlike other air purifiers, we actively purify the air AND surfaces throughout a room.  We don't have to suck air up, and through a filter to have an effect.  A recent study found our technology killed 99.998% of MERS virus on a surface in just 4 hours.  This means if a virus makes it on a surface, like a door handle, and THEN you turn on our units our technology is able to sanitize that surface.  A study at the University of Arizona (UA) found that 50% of commonly touched surfaces in an office would be infected by a virus by lunchtime (just 4 hours), if a single sick employee came to work that morning.

We only use the best

Our products incorporate the very best technologies and components.  All of our products are assembled at our factory in Texas, with as many USA Made components and materials as possible.  We have developed several proprietary technologies which are exclusive to our products (AHPCO and Polarized Ionization) along with a number of manufacturing and feature based innovations.    In addition, we combine these unique technologies with the other industry leading solutions.   Below is a simplified chart of some of the more common air purification technologies, and how we match up.  

We know there are a lot of claims out there and a LOT of air purifiers that don't work.  Many if not most of our customers have been let down by another company that is spending a lot of money on marketing, but not as much on hard science.  We're happy to answer your questions related to any specific product or technology.   


  • Bedrooms & Nurseries
  • Kitchens
  • Pets and Allergies
  • Cars, Offices, and Travel
  • Whole House Sanitization


  • Resorts & Casinos
  • Hospitals
  • Food Industry
  • Office Buildings
  • Energy Sustainability


  • ​Air Handler Solutions
  • I​nduct​ installations
  • ​PTAC​, VTAC, and more
  • ​Residential & Commercial
  • Exhaust Mitigation


  • Ice Machines
  • Reefer Transportation
  • Cold Storage
  • Refrigerators
  • Coil Sanitization