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Global Applications & Versatile Products


  • Bedrooms & Nurseries
  • Kitchens
  • Pets and Allergies
  • Cars, Offices, and Travel
  • Whole House Sanitization
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  • Resorts & Casinos
  • Hospitals
  • Food Industry
  • Office Buildings
  • Energy Sustainability
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  • ​Air Handler Solutions
  • I​nduct​ installations
  • ​PTAC​, VTAC, and more
  • ​Residential & Commercial
  • Exhaust Mitigation
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  • Ice Machines
  • Reefer Transportation
  • Cold Storage
  • Refrigerators
  • Coil Sanitization
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Sanitize Surfaces & Purify the Air

P​roven in ​World-class Clientele

​Clients ​include the tallest building in the world (The Burj Khalifa, Dubai), hospitals, professional sports teams, major resorts and​ casinos, first responders, restaurants, ​industrial facilities, and 10s of thousands of homes.  ​

​Dave Asprey discusses the need for indoor air quality and the benefits of Hypoallergenic Air’s Air Oasis technology.  

Thoroughly Tested for Performance and Safety

Our proprietaries technologies are backed by years of laboratory and university studies around the world.  These tests are available upon request, and cover topics including VOCs, MERs, Molds, MRSA, O3, TBC, HCHO, RSP, NH3, H2S, and many more.

​Matt Rogers share​s about the importance of air quality and surface sanitization because of his two kids with cystic fibrosis.  In his words, the Air Oasis Mobile is “bad to the bone”.

​Award winning ​technology advantages

No Filter

​Our ​Sanitizers are more efficient in ridding the air of contaminants than a HEPA filter.

Maintenance Free

​Hypoallergenic Air products are long-lasting and require very little maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Our ​Sanitizers operate on only a fraction of the energy that other products use.

Long Range

​Extremely compact designs are able to sanitize much larger areas than competing technologies.

NewsWatch on Discovery Channel discusses the benefits of the unique Air ​​Angel mobile technology that we invented.

​Breathe deep.

​Enjoy the fresh air ​and peace of mind that you’ve always wanted. 

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