Shouldn't your air inside be fresh like the natural great outdoors?  It can be.


Powerful protection for large areas with extremely low maintenance.


The most comprehensive and advanced residential air purification system in the world.

Hypoallergenic Air's exclusive technologies are different.
We sanitize the air & surfaces neutralizing up to 99.99% of:

Unique Sanitization 

 Not only do we purify the air of contaminants  1,000 times smaller than HEPA filters, our technology also kills viruses, bacteria, and mold on surfaces like door handles, countertops, and walls.  It can remove odors from fabrics including smoke, marijuana, and cooking odors.  Effective against allergens, fine particulates (PM2.5), formaldehyde, microbes, air pollution, chemical gases, and more.

Proven Results

Every hour, over 1 billion cubic feet of air is now sanitized with our revolutionary technology.  Our technology has undergone over a decade of rigorous testing and field studies by 3rd party laboratories, universities, commercial clients, and leading independent researchers.   Commercial clients include world renowned five star resorts, the tallest building in the world, professional sports teams, and hospitals. 

Innovative Efficiency

From outer space missions to your living room, our NASA developed nanotechnology provides the purest air possible with the least amount of cost.    Our extremely compact products cover much larger spaces than competing technologies.  Low energy, little to no maintenance, and whisper quiet operation set our products apart.   USA made with the highest quality components and technology available.  

Our exclusive technology is different

Our technology is able to sanitize the surface of a door handle after someone sneezed on it, and purify the air in the process.  

We outperform our competition, so you can outperform yours.

Air Quality is directly linked to:

Award-Winning technology advantages

Dave Asprey discusses the need for indoor air quality and the benefits of Hypoallergenic Air's Air Oasis technology. 

Matt Rogers shares about the importance of air quality and surface sanitization because of his two kids with cystic fibrosis.  In his words, the Air Oasis Mobile is “bad to the bone”.

NewsWatch on Discovery Channel discusses the benefits of the unique Air Angel mobile technology that we invented.

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Life Changing!

Love my mobile unit for my car and office and I have the model 3,000 in my home.My health has greatly improved with clean air free from mold,VOCs and other contaminants.
Thank you Air Oasis for these life changing products❤️

5 stars!

Love that it is small, quiet, and effective against mycotoxins. Breathing so much clearer since using it in my apartment.

Excellent device

Really quiet! The air is much cleaner when the device is switched on. Excellent device!!

Works great for my office

I work in an old school building and can tell a significant difference in the two weeks I've been using my little unit. Very quiet and does not distract at all. Love that there are no filters to replace as well!

Just what I needed

I have a very sensitive sense of smell and this works great in my home office (where my cats' litter boxes are - which is a mix of the litter odor itself plus the "other" odors) and also in my kitchen after cooking a meal. Plan to take it on the road with me for those musty and smelly hotel rooms. Glad I purchased this product!

Makes work a healthier place!

The Air Oasis has been a great addition to my office. I’m no longer sneezing and clearing my throat throughout the day because the air quality has improved significantly. I’ve very happy with the purchase.

Just wanted to provide a rave review!

Love the two air purifiers....My old, damp basement no longer smells moldy or just icky! It took four days to clear out the smell but its gone. I'm sleeping better and my sinuses feel clear! So happy with your product! Thanks again! Best to all of you!

Love this product

My indoor air quality was very poor and I purchased the Air Oasis. It has made a huge difference and I can't live without this product. I even take it with me when I travel. I will purchase the travel version soon.

Nice to breathe clean air!

Although small in size, the air oasis filter has done a great job of cleaning the air in the bedroom of my musty, moldy university housing. Within a short amount of time, my congestion & cough cleared up.

Love the clean air❤️

We bought both mobile unit and the 1000 and we love them both. So enjoying our home air smelling so fresh and clean!!

Make your entire home Hypoallergenic Air protected

The Indoor Generation: The VELUX Group published a compelling video regarding the impact of spending so much of our time in tightly sealed indoor spaces.   The air that we breathe is essential to life and our well-being. For those with allergies or other sensitivities, improving air quality can mean all the difference in having a positive day or getting a good night’s sleep. The World  Health Organization lists air pollution as the single biggest environmental threat to public health in 2019.  And while most of us think that air pollution is something that happens outside, 90% of our time is spent indoors breathing in air that's up to 5x more polluted - air filled with mold spores, chemical gases, carpet fibers, dust, dander, bacteria, and dangerous viruses. 

Proven by world class clientele 

Clients include the tallest building in the world (The Burj Khalifa, Dubai), hospitals, professional sports teams, major resorts and casinos, first responders, restaurants, industrial facilities, and tens of thousands of homes.  

Thoroughly Tested for Performance and Safety

Our proprietary technologies are backed by years of laboratory and university studies around the world.  These tests are available upon request, and cover topics including VOCs, MERs, Molds, MRSA, O3, TBC, HCHO, RSP, NH3, H2S, and many more.

Air Quality should not be "one size fits all"

Global Applications & Versatile Products


  • Bedrooms & Nurseries
  • Kitchens
  • Pets and Allergies
  • Cars, Offices, and Travel
  • Whole House Sanitization


  • Resorts & Casinos
  • Hospitals
  • Food Industry
  • Office Buildings
  • Energy Sustainability


  • ​Air Handler Solutions
  • In-Duct installations
  • ​PTAC​, VTAC, and more
  • ​Residential & Commercial
  • Exhaust Mitigation


  • Ice Machines
  • Reefer Transportation
  • Cold Storage
  • Refrigerators
  • Coil Sanitization

15 Years of Innovation & Testing

World-Class Proven Performance

Breathe deep again.

Enjoy the fresh air and peace of mind that you've always wanted.  Inhaling and exhaling is so automatic that we hardly ever think about our breathing or the kind of air we are taking into our bodies, yet we cannot afford to take the quality of the air we breathe for granted. Though our senses may not detect allergens, particulate matter, chemicals, viruses, mold spores, and other such things in the air around us, these common indoor air pollutants will wreak havoc on our bodies if they go unchecked.