Make Your Entire Apartment Hypoallergenic

Clean Tech installs discretely into any Air Conditioning or Central Air system to sanitize your entire apartment unit leaving nothing but Hypoallergenic Air in every room.   At a fraction of the cost of HEPA filtration, this medical grade solution is trusted by hospitals, resorts, and universities.  

Not only does it purify your air, but it is also able to sanitize surfaces from germs, bacteria and mold.  Imagine a kitchen counter or door handle that was constantly being sanitized.  

Jill Verified Customer

Life Changing!

Love my mobile unit for my car and office and I have the model 3,000 in my home.My health has greatly improved with clean air free from mold,VOCs and other contaminants.
Thank you Air Oasis for these life changing products❤️

Jane O Verified Customer

Just wanted to provide a rave review!

Love the two air purifiers....My old, damp basement no longer smells moldy or just icky! It took four days to clear out the smell but its gone. I'm sleeping better and my sinuses feel clear! So happy with your product! Thanks again! Best to all of you!

Richard R. Verified Customer

Excellent - for car/office mobile transport & supplemental for 3000 G3

I’ve used this for awhile now. Makes a huge difference at work even though the large building with cubicles has a square footage much more than the mobile sanitizer is capable of handling. My “localized” air & breathing/sinuses cannot hardly bear to be without the unit now. I’m getting another one (maybe more later) for supplemental air filtration in the house.

Allison C. Verified Customer

Love the clean air❤️

We bought both mobile unit and the 1000 and we love them both. So enjoying our home air smelling so fresh and clean!!

Caryn A. Verified Customer

Recent Purchase

I own a number of air oasis products and will not travel without my Air Angel.

Protect your indoor environment:  Hypoallergenic Air is the most powerful protection against biological contaminants like bacteria, mold, and viruses, as well as dangerous chemical gases like carbon monoxide, NOx, formaldehyde and other VOCs.  It’s also very effective against odors and allergens.

Rest: There’s still a lot to learn about the links between Air Quality and sleep. Our customers are very clear though, for those with allergies or other sensitivities improving air quality can mean all the difference in getting a good night’s sleep. A recent Harvard Study published online in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine concluded that reduction in air pollution exposure may decrease the severity of SDB and nocturnal hypoxemia and may improve cardiac risk. Antonella Zanobetti, PhD, a senior research scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health commented that “With this study, we found air pollution also increases the risk of poor sleep.

Clean your surfaces constantly: Our technology is far more advanced than just a filter that traps contaminates. It constantly sanitizes surfaces throughout the unit, including inhibiting mold growth, killing viruses on a door handle, and even removing odor from the surface of walls and fabrics (smoke, marijuana, pet, cooking smells, etc.). High profile clients even use our technology to prevent odors from outside their unit from seeping in.

Airborne Mold:  Mold emits spores – aeroallergens similar to pollen that disrupt the wellbeing of people who come in contact with them.  And when you breathe in mold spores, your lungs and overall wellbeing can suffer.The exact effects mold varies from person to person.   In addition to mold spores, mold also produces a wide variety of irritants and allergens. Some mold produces toxic substances called mycotoxins, which enter your body through your airways, skin, or from being absorbed in your intestines. When you’re exposed to mycotoxins, you may experience immediate symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, skin rashes, headaches, fatigue or asthma attacks.  Hypoallergenic Air has been tested and is recommended as the very best protection against airborne mold. Hypoallergenic Air does more than just trap mold spores like our competitors, we neutralize them in the air, AND address the source by greatly reducing mold’s ability to grow. Mold remediation can be an extremely expensive process. While Hypoallergenic Air can’t affect mold growth inside of walls, it can greatly reduce the growth on any surface exposed to the air that Hypoallergenic Air washes.    Hypoallergenic Air is an essential component of your mold protection and remediation strategy.

Simple Operation: The Hypoallergenic Air is simple to operate. The device turns on with the flip of a single switch and can be left on for 2 years straight before any maintenance is needed. There are no complicated multiple settings to learn.

Whisper Quiet: Unlike most obnoxiously loud Air Purifiers, Hypoallergenic Air’s CleanTech is completely inaudible.  

Over 10 years of Laboratory, University, and Commercial Studies