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Our Guarantee

In the air purification industry we know there are a lot of claims, differing opinions, oversimplification, fancy marketing, and broken promises.  We strive to be transparent, understandable, and accurate.  We stand behind all of our products with a 30 day risk free money back guarantee.  Contact us online or call (949) 791-9404 to speak to an air quality expert.  

15 Years of Innovation & Proven Results

Rid your air of up to 99.99% of all Contaminants

Our proprietary technologies are backed by 15 years of laboratory, university, and "real world" commercial studies.  These tests are available upon request, and cover topics including VOCs, MERS, Molds, MRSA, O3, TBC, HCHO, RSP, NH3, H2S, and many more.


Viruses & Bacteria


Dust & PM2.5


Chemicals (VOCs)


Air Quality is not "one size fits all"

Air quality is complex.  No single technology or product is optimal for every situation or contaminant type (despite what some may claim).  Our current array of products utilize between 1 and all 6 of the below technologies depending on the application.

Filterless Technologies

Physical Filter Types


Powerful protection for bedrooms, cars, hotel rooms, and similar areas.


Commercial Quality advanced residential air purification system for entire homes.

Solving Issues and Improving Lives

The best air purifier I've ever owned.

Dominic B., verified customer

Great customer service. The unit arrived quickly and the product really works! I've tried ionic air purifiers, HEPA air purifiers and even newer technologies like Molekule. Nothing stacks up to the iAdaptAir. It's like they took the best HEPA, the best ionic air purifier and a Molekule and put them all in one unit. 

Why Air Oasis was a smart buy

Cindy B., verified customer

My husband is susceptible to biotoxins that often can be found in the house, but since installing two of the iAdaptAir large room purifier, we have seen a noticeable difference in how he feels. They are easy to use, and the customer service folks go out of their way to answer any questions related to the products.

Great And Reliable Air Purifier

Michael P., verified customer

I am writing this review 2 years later because i wanted to see if it really was effective. Thankfully i am not disappointed! It has been a huge positive addition to our lives for the past 2 years and will continue to be a positive force going forward!

The Ultimate Cure

Melissa N., verified customer

I have a lot of health issues and within a couple days of use, this has really helped me breathe easier as well as sleep better. I do not wake up fatigued as I used to and can easily get up and go. Many of my friends and family use this, and we all recommend it!

​Office Use

Chuck C., verified customer

I work in a secure building with no windows. The air quality always seemed poor- thanks to the folks @ Bulletproof for turning me on to this product. The air smells fresher and you can definitely feel the difference in my office! Great product.

iAdaptAir for Small Room

Phil D., verified customer

Purchased an iAdaptAir unit for a chronic Lyme patient (son) who is extremely sensitive to airborne pollutants such as voc's, mold spores, etc. We have been using a brand name hepa air purifier for years, but it wasn't able to adequately clean and sanitize the room air. After only one day of running the iAdaptAir, there was a noticeable improvement in air quality. Our son indicated that he is sleeping better since running the iAdaptAir. We highly recommend this product!

Using for mold sensitivity

Amy M., verified customer

This unit has some good support from the Mold Illness community. After doing an ERMI dusting cloth test on our home and not being completely happy with a boarderline safe score for those with CIRS, I did a deep cleaning of the home as recommended by the lab, but also purchased two of these large units as backup and peace of mind. I am happy to know they can deal with mycotoxins. The air produced is noticeably fresher than our standard Winix HEPA room filters. Those are fine for catching dust, but do nothing to deal with the mycotoxins. That makes this product superior.

iadapt air 150 sq. feet

Kristen N., verified customer

I recently purchased one of these for my son’s dorm room, since he already has sensitivity to mold. I did a lot of research online about what models were best, and as a MD myself, I wanted to make sure I was getting him a safe and well-made product. Air Oasis ticked all my boxes! So far, we are very pleased with the unit: i really like that it has 3 fan speed settings, so he can put it on low or medium at night. Actually, all 3 settings are very reasonable in terms of noise. We have already noticed an improvement in how the air feels in his room. thanks for a great product! Read Less

Excellent Product

Herb K., verified customer

I am very impressed with the performance of my air purifier. The impact on the air quality in my apartment is far beyond what I had anticipated. The product is well designed and performs as advertised. I had a bit of trouble setting up the app, but the technical support I received was excellent. The tech, who was very knowledgeable worked with me until the problem was solved. In short, an excellent product backed up with great customer service and tech support. Highly recommended to anyone interested in clearer air. 

​Amazing technical support

Paul B., verified customer

After much exhaustive research and doctor recommendations I am happy to conclude that the iadapt air contains all of the proper technology to help eliminate mold and bacteria in my home. I have a few very expensive uv scrubbers installed in my house (> $2500) and realized after having a mold Ph. D scientist come into the house that uv technology alone did not necessarily address any possible mold issues. The technical support was able to steer me into the correct product to address this very issue. 

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